SKF | PCMF 101217 B Bearing | 101217 Bearing Laurel Hill
SKF | PCMF 101217 B Bearing | 101217 Bearing Laurel Hill
Product name:SKF | PCMF 101217 B Bearing | 101217 Bearing Laurel Hill
Materials:Bearing steel
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Date: 1990-05-20
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SKF PCMF 101217 B Bearing

SKF composite plain bearings - 11004 EN_tcm_12-107917.pdf

45 Related SKF products 49 Application examples 58 SKF – the knowledge engineering company. B Recommendations 10 10 11 11 13 Selection of bearing size lubrication only Initial lubrication only –40 to +110 °C short periods +130 °C –40 to +110 °C short periods +130 °C Flanged bushings PTFE composite PCMF .

SKF PTFE Composite – plain cylindrical bushings.JINTAI produce washer as PCMW B, MoS2 bushing as PCM E,PCMF E,PCMW E, in inch size bushing as PCZ B,PCZF B,PCZW B.

where v = sliding velocity, m/s n = rotational speed, r/min d = bore diameter of bushing, mm. The specific bearing load can be calculated using p = F / (d ¥ b) where p = specific bearing load, N/mm2. F = bearing load, N d = bore diameter of bushing, mm b = width of bushing, mm. SKF bushings – technical data. Solid. Sintered.

Bushings - PCMF 101217 E d, 10, mm. D, 12, mm. B, 17, mm. D1, 18, mm. B1, 1, mm. c1, min. 0.1, mm. c1, max. 0.6, mm. c2, min. 0.2, mm. c2, max. 1, mm. α, ±8, 20, °. r, max. 1, mm Factor depending on material and bearing type, KM, 480. Permissible sliding velocity, v, min. 0, m/s. Permissible sliding velocity, v, max.

SKF composite. plain bearings. Compact and maintenance-free. A Product information 3 Compact and maintenance-free 3 Characteristics 3 The assortment . PCMF .. B Metric plain bushings with a flange on one side, made of triple-layer 42 PTFEcompositematerial,withleadadditives(† page 6).Suitableforbearing

PCMF 101212 B, PCMF 101212 BK. PCMF 101212 E, GLY.PBG 101212 F. PCMF 101217 B, PCMF 101217 BK. PCMF 101217 E, GLY.PBG 101217 F. PCMF 121407 B, PCMF 121407 BK. PCMF 121407 E, GLY.PBG 121407 F. PCMF 121409 B, PCMF 121409 BK. PCMF 121409 E, GLY.PBG 121409 F. PCMF 121412 B

PTFE. Composite. The long runner. W rapped. Bronze. The cross country runner. Filament. W ound. The heavy duty runner. PTFE. Polyamide. The jogging runner. POM. Composite. The up-hill runner. Stainless. Backed. Composite. The smooth ; shiny runner. 6. PBM. PBMF. PSM. PSMF. PRM. PRMF. PCMF .. B. PCMW .. B.

SKF bushings

a major player in the plain bearing field: spherical plain bear- ings, rod ends and now a much expanded range of bushings. The new product selection guide in this catalogue simplifies the selection of bushings from our expanded range for you. World's Widest Bushi. SKF – number one in bearings. Made by SKF® stands for